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Being Gracious to Guests

The holiday season is fast approaching. Here at Barrington Place we love that our apartments provide plenty of space for hosting guests and loved ones. Our homes make a great spot for celebrating the season. We’ve gathered a few tips to help with the stress that may sometimes come with hosting others in your home! So if you’ve got friends or family headed into Madison for a visit, you can be prepared. You want your friends to think you’ve got it all together and planned, and we have ideas to help you achieve that feeling at your event or during their stay. Follow some of these ideas to take away the stress—and give yourself the gift of spending more time with your loved ones!  Put together some essentials for your guests, they will be reminded of your hospitality every time they visit. These tips are from 11 Magnolia Lane.


Stock the bathroom with extra tissues and toilet paper, basic medications (Tums, Pepto, Tylenol, ibuprofen), toothbrushes, contact lens solution, a hair dryer, extra washcloths (I like dark gray ones because they don’t get dingy after being used to remove eye makeup), towels, and feminine products.  I also put a plunger in the guest bathroom because nothing is more embarrassing than having to come out and ask the host for the plunger—not that this has EVER happened to me! Make sure that your guest bed is as comfortable as it can be.  Maybe it’s only a blow-up air mattress or a sleep sofa, but if you use a memory foam topper and high quality sheets, it will still be cozy.  I also keep down pillows and hypo-allergenic pillows in the house so guests can use whichever they prefer.  A throw blanket helps for nights that might get chilly.


An alarm clock next to the bed isn’t as essential as it used to be since most people use their phones these days, but ours also is a sound machine so that sleeping babies can listen to the ocean instead of the raucous adults downstairs!


I have reading lights and a nightstand or table on both sides of the bed, too.  I hate not having a place to put my glass of water at bedtime and figure my guests are the same way!  


What are your tried and true hosting tips? Please share in the comments so we can try them out too.