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Celebrate National Vegetarian Month

Autumn is harvest time! Huge amounts of delicious produce like fruits, vegetables, and legumes are available all across the country. What better time of year, then, to celebrate National Vegetarian Month in Madison, WI? No time better, it turns out, since that’s what October is. So to help you celebrate the holiday, we’ve gathered a list of some great restaurants in the area near your Barrington Place apartment that provide some tasty vegetarian options for you to try, as well as some reviews from Yelp to help you pick which one to try first.


The Green Owl Cafe


“First--I am not vegan or a vegetarian; I love meat as much as the next person. Prior to my first  visit, I was quite hesitant as you can imagine but decided to give it a shot. And...this place is AMAZING! A perfect and much needed restaurant for Madison. Everything I've tried so far has been delicious. (I've gone back quite a few times). My favorite dishes are the Groundnut Stew, the raw taco platter, and the crabby cakes. My suggestion: never leave without ordering a slice of pure heaven cheesecake/dessert. It makes me feel better about myself since it's vegan. ;) I usually dine on week nights since they're not as busy. Service is always pleasant and courteous. Needless to say, I will be returning for more vegan goodness.” — B. X.




“Graze has over time become my favorite restaurant in Madison. Not just for the delicious food, but for the exceptional service and ambiance. I started going to graze just for lunch/brunch but after a while I figured I  would try dinner. Their drink menu is superb, I love how they use fresh herbs and update it regularly. They also update their dinner menu a few times a year so it's fun to try what's new. I've never been disappointed after eating here. I appreciate their use of local ingredients and love that they support Wisconsin farmers. I highly recommend it!! (Oh, and best cheese curds in madison...yep I went there!)” — Nicole K.


Himal Chuli


“Outstanding momos and vegetarian tarkari!! Samosas were delicious too. So happy we stopped in.  The tarkari had a wonderful flavor with fresh veggies. No wait to sit down and friendly and fast staff!! Wish this place was in our hometown.” — Christina A.