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Escape Room Games in Madison

“Escape the room” games are becoming a hit all around the nation. What are they? They’re team games where a group of people is locked in a room and have to solve puzzles and hunt down clues in order to escape within the time limit. They’re sometimes described as the ultimate team-building experience. Here: this video explains it all better than we can (it specifically refers to a room escape game in Seattle, but the principles apply to all escape room activities).


It turns out that the room escape craze has made it here to Madison, as well, with not one but three different locations available with multiple rooms apiece. We’ve gathered links to their websites as well as some reviews from Yelp to tell you a bit more. Check them out soon!


Escape This!


“This was my first experience with an escape room and I had a great time! I took a group for my birthday back in March and loved the "Hangover" themed room. The waiting area was comfy and the owners were very excited for us to play; they were [a lot] of fun to chat with. Being my 22nd birthday, we all had a great time dealing with 21+ jokes and alcoholic clues to solve the puzzle (one clue requires us to really know our liquors!). At one point, we found a clue that also included a 'Happy Birthday' candy bar for me, which was a really nice touch. I think that I would return to this location repeatedly for its service and fun theme ideas. It sounds like their newest Alice in Wonderland theme is going to be awesome!” — Bri M.


Escape Chambers


“Escape Chambers Madison is going to give you a memorable experience that you will be talking about for hours [afterward]. If you have never gone to an "Escape the Room" before I highly recommend the experience, despite the hefty price tag.” — Dan M.


My Escape Mission


“This is a great escape room. It's well thought out and a lot of fun to solve. They indicated they may be moving soon and we'll definitely be back to try the new rooms. There are red herrings for larger groups so as to make it more difficult. There can be easy, medium or more challenging adventures depending on the size of your group. If you want to have a fun family or a team building experience, definitely give this a try.” — Mary S.