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Simple Things to Be Grateful for This Month

a Thanksgiving dinner laden table with the words Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart over it.

Happy November from Barrington Place Apartments Blog! This month will quickly become about meal prep and party planning for your holiday, whether you host in your Madison, WI apartment or whether you travel to a loved one’s home. Before that happens, take a few moments to be thankful for the small things in your life. Read on for a few of the simple things to be grateful for this month.

Your Favorite Food

While you may consider yourself a foodie or an aspiring chef, you don’t have to be either of those things to love food. This month, do something that makes you fall in love with your favorite food all over again. Write down a memory you have eating this special dish. Take your significant other to a restaurant to enjoy it. Or even better, make this food at home and share it with those you love most.


Every day, there is something you use without thinking twice about it. It might be something significant like running water or wifi, or it may be as simple as hand soap or toilet paper, but one thing’s for sure: these basic components of our everyday lives help our homes become places we feel valued and welcomed. Think about ways you can be more appreciative for what you have this month, whether it is consciously limiting your consumption of a certain basic amenity, or donating a small portion of that amenity to someone else, or even simply just thinking about you it enhances your life more often.

Your Favorite Quality in a Friend

Acknowledge the special qualities in those you surround yourself with this month. Even though you may have disagreements with these people, consciously thinking about what they offer to the world will help you appreciate them more. Remember what makes them unique and why it is good for you to be around them. Don’t forget to tell them what it is that makes them extraordinary! Sincere and kind words to others will go a lot further than you realize.


Often times, we see more of our coworkers than we do our own family. It may not be our choice who we get to work with on a daily basis, and they may get on our nerves at times, but our coworkers help us get through the day every day, and they know us better than we think. Sharing positive feelings about others on our team helps create a greater sense of unity, and it establishes healthier relationships as well. You might write a personalized note to a coworker, or maybe you bring in a box of donuts for the whole team. Whatever you choose to do to express your gratitude for your coworkers, it will brighten their day and their month.

We hope these simple tips help you feel a greater sense of gratitude. Chances are, you are now thinking about a hundred other things you are thankful for! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!